Talk Morocco is an edited forum intended to encourage intelligent, open, and honest debate on issues relating to Morocco and the diaspora.

Over the past few years, bloggers have become a force to be reckoned with in Morocco. Considering both the restrictions on the press, and the relative lack of opportunity for would-be journalists, blogging has become an important outlet. Bloggers are able to tackle the subjects journalists cannot–including red-line topics such as the Western Sahara, the royal family, and Islam–and do so in French, Arabic, and English.

While blogging provides a unique outlet, there is little contact between Morocco’s various blogospheres: There are Moroccans blogging from the northernmost tip of Tangiers all the way down to Laayoune, there are Moroccan expat bloggers in France, American Peace Corps volunteers in the most rural of communities, foreign expats in Morocco’s cities, and many, many more, however, Francophone, Arabophone, and Anglophone bloggers exist mostly in separate realms, despite the fact that subject matter frequently overlaps.

Talk Morocco aims to bring together these diverse groups of people by providing an outlet for bloggers, would-be journalists, and everyone else to comment on subjects relating to a common theme: Morocco. Each month we, the moderators, will present a question or topic. Those wishing to participate can then submit essays to us, which we will edit and publish.

It is our sincere hope that Talk Morocco will become a place of free and open debate and discussion on a wide variety of topics pertaining to the country we all know and love: Morocco.

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