We Need Some Dignity

According to Samira much remains to be done before women in her country can enjoy full citizenship. She explains that the Moudawana is not enough without genuine Democratic reform.


Veteran human rights advocate 31 comments

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Translated by Hisham from Nous avons besoin de dignité

What do women need?
What do men need?
What does Morocco need?
We need dignity … We need change in the Moudawana.

Was the Moudawana a progress?
In so far as it allowed for women issues and matters related to gender equality to be removed from the domain of the sacred, yes.
And there were certainly many other positives…

But what’s the context in which the Moudawana is being applied?
1 / A country where illiteracy rates exceed 5O per cent of the population, more than 70 per cent of which are women, especially in the rural areas. And when in my country we speak about illiteracy, it really means people who can not read nor write. The figures ignore those who were thrown into the streets by a failed educational system, in which case percentages would be higher.
2 / A country where poverty has reached heights unmatched in the past (so as the wealth of a few), and where women, as everybody knows, suffer the most from it.
3 / A country where religion is still at the center of every aspect of life and where public speech is still quite misogynistic (on March 8th, the International Women’s Day, a program was aired on TV, supposedly to defend women, where they ended up inviting a couple of lunatics who kept blaming all of this country’s ills on women!).

What do women need?
They need a just redistribution of wealth in this country.
They need support in their daily struggle against patriarchy in all its forms, especially that dressed in religion.
They need justice, and for that to happen they want no more impunity for those who have abused them at home, in the street, in the factory, the farm, or the office.
They need less hypocrisy.
They need democracy.

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Translated by Hisham from Nous avons besoin de dignité

Posted on Monday, March 29th, 2010

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31 comments on “We Need Some Dignity”

  1. great article !
    Samira is completely right, we do need respect!
    Thank you

  2. men and women in morocco need révolution in other words
    thank you samira

  3. thanks Mrs Samira
    always right
    we need dignity
    we need respect

  4. Moumni Saif Islam

    Thank you mama

    yo people Share it on you pages !

    Really Great

  5. you are rignt,we need change our economic situation
    and we need more democraty
    thanks Mrs

  6. whan you speak about women,i always agreed,because you’re activist ,and you fight for all the rights
    but I don’t like some of women who speaks only for wemen ,

  7. greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  8. you’re right,we need dignity,we need democraty,we need stopping laying

  9. لك كل التقديروالاحترام:لم تفقدي أبدا البوصلة

  10. plus clair,tu meurs
    merci Madame pour cette concision,cette precision

  11. تحليل عميق وأسلوب بسيط :السهل الممتنع
    دمت للنضال أيتها الرائعة

  12. very clear “site of vew”, we throughly need education for all, wemen and men; it’s the only way to progress.

  13. very clear site of v

  14. so proud of you Madame
    je suis hors du Maroc depuis longtemps et ça me remplit de fierte de voir des femmes intelligentes comme vous

  15. Brian Mophtali

    You have more than dignity in Morocco, what else do you want? You don’t live in Afghanistan, or Bangladesh do you? Long live the kingdom and down with traitors!

    • “You have more than dignity in Morocco, what else do you want?”

      Gender equality enshrined in the constitution to start with. But that’s un-Islamic, so we have to start with properly separating the religious from the public sphere. Then, I would say taking away the king’s powers and giving them to elected officials. Removing the concept of the “sacred” from the legal system would also go a long way towards emancipating the serfs (i.e: anyone who’s not a Alaoui).

      And since we’re wishing, throw in a massive diamond mine discovery, a world cup, and an Argan-derived cure for cancer 😉

    • by the same token, British citizens should not complain about the expenses scandal, US citizens should just shut up and support Medicare bill, and French trade-unionist stop annoying their government.

      Dignity and democracy are not static, its a self-goal any civilized society is set to pursue

  16. thank you MRS
    dont’ care about the dogs who try to…
    log live to allmorrocan activist

  17. la dignite c avoir acces aux moyens de vivre ,ce n’est pas le cas pour tous
    et les traitres au pays sont ceux qui se les sont accaparés
    longue vie à toutes et àç tous les miltntEs pour la DIGNITE du peuple marocain

  18. – What do you need, naked man ?
    – I need a ring, my Lord

  19. we need dignity for all morracan
    we need schcools
    we need hospitals
    we need…
    more democraty
    and samira had explain all that

  20. je n’ai rien à ajouter puisk tu as tt dis, pb si bien cerné et si bien exprimé….
    good job

  21. La dignité au Maroc est bafouée ; la démocratie est enterrée !
    bcp d’efforts à déployer pr récupérer le perdu !
    Merci Samira pr avoir soulevé le sujet .

  22. la dignité n’est pas permise à tous et toutes de la même façon, pourtant c’est un droit mais devenu un luxe pour certains quand ce n’est pas un parcours du combattant pour d’autres.
    On ne devrait pas la revendiquer elle nous revient de droit et fait partie de l’individu lui-même.
    Lorsqu’il ne l’a plus c’est qu’on l’en a privé.

    le traître est celui qui renie ce qu’il devrait revendiquer par faiblesse, opportunisme ou en se parjurant et non celui qui dit tout haut avec toute sa conscience ce qu’il ressent sans crainte de ses opinions .

  23. je ne comprends que certains parlent de patriotisme là ou il ne faut pas
    quand on dénonce ce qui ne va pas dan son pays,on est plus patriotique que n’importe qui
    les traitres sont ceux qui regardent et benissent ou se taisent
    merci Madame,surtotu pour la precision,bien d’autres que vous auraient besoin de pages pour exprimer ce que vous avez dit en kks mots,ie,c clair ds votre tete

  24. The article did not contain sound arguments but only describtions of the situation in Morocco: feelings. I think that we do not need democracy. what we really need is to be treated like human bieng.period. the rest is going to take care of itself.

  25. y a t il plus fort arguments que la realite socio-economique du pays
    les mots simples n’arrivent pas à tous les cerveaux
    y en a qui veulent se la jouer complique pour faire semblant de compprendre
    moi,qui suis de pres la situation au maroc,j’ai compris et apprecie

  26. @harag, “The article did not contain sound arguments but only describtions of the situation in Morocco”
    and what did you add? nothing!!
    @brian mophti, “You have more than dignity in Morocco, what else do you want? You don’t live in Afghanistan, or Bangladesh do you? Long live the kingdom and down with traitors!”
    you live in the USA and dare to put your 2 cents worth by adding insult to injury. why didn’t you choose to go live in the middle east rather than america. I know who you are man, big brother is watching…lol

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