American novelist and blogger based in Morocco.

eatbees is an American writer living in Morocco, who has been focusing on Moroccan issues in eatbees blog ( since 2007.

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Articles by eatbees:

A few years ago, I wrote in my private journal about how social mutants can become heroes in times of stress. “When a society remains stable for a long time, the majority who obey its rules are its anchor and its strength — hence the term ‘solid citizens.’ But when a society is in flux […]

“The way I see it, there is not one revolution to be had in Tunisia, but three: the revolution against the dictator, Zine Al Abidine Ben Ali, which succeeded; the revolution for freedom of expression and new democratic institutions, which is ongoing; and a third revolution against the economic policies that created the social inequalities in the first place, which has not even begun.”

Despite threats, Morocco’s citizen media proponents continue to test limits, making themselves the guinea pigs of democracy. Eatbees outlines the limits to free speech in Morocco, and highlights the achievements of bloggers and activists.

Ethnically, linguistically, religiously, Morocco is a diverse place. Eatbees makes the argument that in such diversity lies Morocco’s strengths.

eatbees argues that a deeper issue is at stake than press freedom. Moroccans feel increasingly bold in discussing the challenges facing their country, but talk isn’t connected to action, and change doesn’t come. He attempts to explain why.