Mustapha Ajbaili

Moroccan journalist and writer.

Mustapha Ajbaili is a Moroccan journalist who writes about human rights and the state of democracy in North African countries. He holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Arkansas, USA, and an MA in journalism and mass communication from the American University in Cairo. His blog can be accessed at:

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Articles by Mustapha:

The national media and the predominantly domesticated political parties said the Moroccan king’s reforms were advanced, democratic and even revolutionary.

When Morocco’s pro-democracy movement first took to the streets on February 20, the government was fighting a war behind the scenes to destroy it, while in the meantime it was embracing it in public. On the one hand, security services and their servants tried to sow divisions within the group and launched a smear online […]

Mustapha Ajbaili shares his experiences as a Moroccan student in Egypt and his thoughts on Egypt’s uprising.

The state, any state, should be for all people of all religious persuasions, and the state should never bear the imprimatur of any one religious ideology, says Mustapha Ajbaili.