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Jillian C. York is a blogger and activist based in Boston. Hisham Khribchi is a blogger and activist based in France. Together, they are The Moderators.

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Articles by The Moderators:

“Fine Ghadi Biya Khouya?” (Where are you taking us brother?) is a refrain from a popular song, first performed by the Moroccan mythic group Nass El Ghiwane in the early 70’s. At the time repression was such that esoteric art and music were the most visible expression of dissent. Four decades later, the Arab Uprising […]

In the context of the movement for change in Morocco we asked our contributors to answer this simple question: What now for Morocco?

The recent uprising in Tunisia that caused now-former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to flee to Saudi Arabia is certain to have an impact on the Maghreb and the rest of the Arab world, but to what extent?

The recent targeting in Morocco of news organizations like Aljazeera and the clampdown on the independent press, have seriously limited the scope of freedom of expression in the country. Internet has grown more and more critical in helping people get access to unfiltered news. For some, the whisleblowing website Wikileaks, is a vindication of investigative […]

What role should the state have in defining Islam in Morocco, or should this be a matter left entirely to individual conscience? What about Moroccans who don’t consider themselves Muslim, or who want to be free to interpret their faith in a unique way? What civil right protections are needed, and how would we get there? Should religion and belief ever be a matter for the state?

Is the education system in Morocco hindering or helping development? Is there a need for reform?

For both native Moroccans and foreigners living in the country, bureaucracy can be a nightmare. Sometimes it seems like nearly everything, from getting one’s passport, to getting a phone line set up, and even paying one’s bills, can take days, or even weeks to complete. This month, we bring you several stories–a young Moroccan trying […]

This month we’re asking our authors to share their perspectives on what it is like to be a Moroccan abroad, and what it means to be abroad in Morocco.

This month we are asking: What is the importance of Morocco’s citizen media landscape? What have been the high points? How did we get here? And where are we going?

What makes a Moroccan a Moroccan? This month’s topic grapples with the question of Moroccan identity, and some of our essayists’ answers might surprise you.

In 2004, the implementation of the Moudawana, or Family Code, altered women’s rights in Morocco significantly by providing them with an easier means for divorce, a minimum marriage age of 18, and the ability to pass on citizenship, among other things. But the Moudawana still faces opposition, both from those who disagree with the new […]

What are the dreams, hopes and fears for 2010? And from our authors’ perspective will 2010 be a defining year for Morocco?

A letter from the moderators, Hisham Khribchi and Jillian C. York.